HQ Departments

1. Operation hafidzi [at] spsb.com.my
2. Corporate Services siti [at] spsb.com.my
3. Process Improvement fnlai [at] spsb.com.my
4. Group People patsy.t [at] spsb.com.my
5. Finance rfs [at] spsb.com.my
6. Customer Relations julia [at] spsb.com.my
7. Planning and Commercial  mary [at] suriaplc.com.my
8. Support Services ross [at] spsb.com.my
9. Administration rfs [at] spsb.com.my
10. Quality Assurance irislkvoo [at] spsb.com.my
11. Engineering/Project Development jason [at] spsb.com.my
12. Health, Safety & Environment victor [at] spsb.com.my
13. Port Auxiliary Police nick.anthony [at] spsb.com.my
14. Information Technology clement.lee [at] spsb.com.my
15. Equipment and Maintenance khairul.akmal [at] spsb.com.my
16. Business Development peter [at] spsb.com.my
17. Marine Unit nadel [at] spsb.com.my