Final Report on Borneo Marine Research Institute – SPSB Study

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

On 13 September 2017, Borneo Marine Research Institute (BMRI), Universiti Malaysia Sabah had finalized its yearlong assessment of heavy metal pollution in coastal sediments of Sepangar Bay and Kota Kinabalu city. The study which was fully funded by Sabah Ports Sdn Bhd (SPSB) was SPSB’s initiative towards ocean and ecological conservation. The team, headed by Dr Julian Ransangan, Associate Professor of BMRI had presented the findings to the SuriaGroup management at Suria Capital Holdings Berhad’s head office.

BMRI were engaged in April 2016 to carry out the study whereby 11 stations were identified for sampling purposes. The stations were chosen based on the level of shipping and human activity taking place in the area. All together sampling stations were tested monthly and consisted of Gaya Island, Likas, Inanam River, behind State  Legislative Assembly, Kebagu Village, SBCP, SBOT, KK Port, UMS jetty and mid bay at ships anchorage area.


The final report had provided the following conclusion:

“The trace metal concentrations in the sediment of Sepanggar Bay are currently within the safe level and presumably, pose no threat to public health. To date, the concentration of most trace metals in the sediment of Sepanggar Bay is comparable or lower compares to Peninsula Malaysia and north coast of Sabah. However, localized anthropogenic enrichment with trace metals, particularly Cadmium (Cd) might require attention since Cd is classified as potentially toxic metal and is actively produced by various industrial processes from mainland….”

(Source: Final Report, Trace Metal Contamination in Coastal Sediment of Sepanggar Port and Kota Kinabalu Port)

Now that the project has completed, Sabah Ports Sdn Bhd intends to share the findings with maritime agencies and marine researchers as well as for academia purposes. BMRI has further reported that journal papers which report these findings are in the final stage of preparation and will be sent for publication.